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Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is True Power - Lao Tzu
4D Transformation Course

This is an eight week curated course by Radhika Rai. The four dimensions of our being are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Taking care of these four dimensions is of utmost importance for anyone who desires a healthy, happy and abundant life. More often than not, one of the four is off balance. That leads to the disturbance in the rest three. Our mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset have to be aligned and synched with one another to give us a wholesome experience of an extraordinary life. A life that we truly deserve. The course will teach you various modalities, tools and techniques that are simple, scientifically researched and proven to work in altering our four dimensions.

The entire course resolves around two main modalities - Mindfulness Practices, Emotional Freedom Technique and Awakening Energy Centers. You will also learn various other meditations techniques from the world best spiritual teachers, insights from globally acclaimed scientists, researchers and authors about how our mind-body function and much more.

The journey of eight weeks is deep and profound. It is the first step for you to finally take charge of your life, like never before. The transformation begins from the time you commit yourself to this course, and promise yourself a new evolved you.

Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is True Power
- Lao Tzu
In the eight-week course you will discover
Our thoughts create our reality. Acknowledging our thoughts and learning ways to change those that don’t serve us well is what you will learn. Knowing oneself, what we think and why we think that way is the first and most crucial step in experiencing an evolved self.
You will break the habit of being ourselves and releasing the emotions that constantly pull you down. By training and knowing how to direct your awareness, you would understand your emotions at a deeper level. This understanding helps in expanding the heart center by letting go that is undesired.
As the course progresses you will learn about the biology of own belief system. You will become aware of the power of your perceptions and how changing the way you look at things changes the situation you are in. These exercises are valuable in increasing uplifting hormones and to enhance how you feel in your body.
When your mind, heart and body are in a blissful state, it automatically gives way to your soul to feel enlightened. Removing the clutter of the mind and heart opens infinite possibilities in life to grow and prosper.
The Course Outline
Module 01

Know your Mindset. Introduction to Mindful practices. Become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Module 02

Mind-Body Connection. Spirituality with Science. Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique. Overcome your limiting beliefs.

Module 03

Emotional Awareness. Release unhealthy, difficult, suffocating emotional baggage. Energy Center balancing. Redirect your emotions in the direction of growth and happiness.

Module 04

Develop Gratitude as a way of life.

Module 05

Releasing the past trauma. Freedom from childhood drama.

Module 06

Empower yourself with the light of Forgiveness. Introduction to Ho’ponopono.

Module 07

Know your True self - who you are. Dare to Dream. Understand the interconnectedness between you and the Universe.

Module 08

R’s Manifestation Model – a one of its kind Manifestation Meditation created by Radhika is going to make you the master of the life you wish to manifest!

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