All too often, our ambition consumes us, and leads to hasty decisions. Radhika helped me in refining my focus with her wonderful yet easy techniques and corrected my path multiple times. Today, if I feel more complete and content, all credit to her.

She has provided me with self-confidence by praising what I do and not demeaning my ideas or vision, only a great woman can stroke your ego and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

As a great spouse, she is always there to listen to me and help me deal with issues. She offers emotional support, which makes me feel better about myself. By being an emotional rock when I needed it the most, Radhika helped me get back on my feet.

Thanks to Radhika's emotional strength, I could achieve things beyond my powers or sometimes get things done that seemed impossible. In addition to fulfilling our professional goals, we need to occasionally refuel our emotional tanks to create that little magical difference.

Most of us need some sort of stability. If our personal lives are disheveled, it's hard to make our professional lives work. Radhika is a person who cares deeply for you and shares your dreams (yet maintains her independence) will give you the confidence to take on more ambitious professional and life challenges.

Success involves risk. A wonderful life partner will let you reach for the stars, but be there to catch you if you fall back down to earth.

As ambitious men, we can literally work ourselves to death and miss out on what is truly important — faith, friendship, community, and public service. It's these things that make the world a better place, not how much wealth you've accumulated when you leave it.

Radhika has always been a strong woman, maintaining her own identity. However, Radhika’s touch does wonders for the household. Her impact on our household culture is extremely significant.

n addition, let's not forget another notable achievement. Radhika is the one who brought up our two amazing children, Tamanna and Dhruv, both of whom otherwise would be anything but the spoiled, ungrateful and shallow brats we see in most rich and famous households.

We might have started 12 years back as friends, converted into soul mates into a married couple, to a family with kids today, but I am witness to Radhika’s journey from a rebel to the warm mentor she is today and thank god everyday for bestowing me with such a beautiful life partner, inside out.