radhika rai

Like any other person of my age, I too was trained to run the race of life. In that process I acquired many qualifications that came with hard work and dedication. I completed her Masters in Human Resource Management in 2008. In 2010-11 I started my own venture in the ever-growing wellness space that showed steep success and roaring business within a year. I voluntarily assigned the work to a group of professionals after the birth of my second child. I took up the challenge of raising my two beautiful kids and taking care of my home as a full-time engagement. As time progressed, kids grew a little older, and I started feeling some vacuum, a constant urge to add more meaning to life.

I could not realize what it was until Jan 2013. Then, I was introduced to a life-changing practice, which came as the first ray of light to a new beginning. With absolute faith and diligent practice, I life started elevating. I learned to value myself by taking charge of all my myriad life-conditions. I took responsibility of everything that happened to me. The wisdom, courage and compassion emerging from within my life changed me completely. Embarking on a new exciting journey, I literally became a spiritual seeker, getting certified and trained in various practices from the best mentors across the globe:

Alternative Healing Modalities: Reiki (3A)

- 2013.

Theta Healing

- 2014.

Angel Card Reading

– 2014.

Emotional Freedom Technique

- 2015.

Connect to your Spirit Guides

- 2015.

Assertiveness Coaching

- 2015.

My faith took me deep into these modes working with friends and family on a regular basis. As I helped others overcome their physical, emotional or mental blockages, my own faith strengthened.

In my spiritual quests, I was also learning about the constant sufferings of young adults that lead to acute anxiety, stress, depression and addictions through my vocational studies in Psychoanalysis. The race of life without clear goals has left the youth traumatized and helpless, hanging between a draining past and burdensome future.

n the process of constantly learning and upgrading my life skills, I came across Mindfulness Practices. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven technique to cure stress, mental illness and create visible changes in kid’s skill set, hence paving a clear path for a fulfilling future.

With my own practice of Mindfulness I became aware of my own true self in a more deep and profound way. I learned to accept more, expect less, be non-judgmental and above all, be grateful for life itself. I realized what wonders the mind can do by “just being in the present moment”. This paved the way for my ultimate life purpose.

I feel immense pleasure and deep gratitude to see my life as a portrait of an artist. It is beautifully designed and embedded with qualities that not only showed me the ultimate way of life but also enlightened me with my purpose of contributing to society, aspiring to shape the future of its next generation.

I’m proud to be one of India’s first Trained Mindfulness Facilitator by the best Mindful school of the world, Mindful School Organization (California, USA), the organization that first brought Mindful Practices into Education in the mid-2000s.


your life artist

Are you ready to do your inner work so you can heal at the deepest possible levels, create a life you love living and become who you are meant to be?

The door of awakening looks different for everyone. Perhaps you are going through a major life transition or crisis and need some help navigating the emotional terrain. Maybe you’ve had a recent health scare and you want to get down into the underlying energetics so you can be healthy and vibrant again. Maybe you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your work or relationships and want to change that. Perhaps you want to grow personally and spiritually and unlock the highest potential for your life. Whatever, has brought you here, I am happy you came.

Both energy healing and mindfulness are deeply powerful and offer innumerable gifts. I am honored to be your healer, teacher and guide as you embark upon this quest to dive deep, do your inner work, bring your magnificence forth and let your light shine!

All my Love